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The administration of the MSRF is conducted from an office located in Ocean Pines, Maryland. Click here for the new contact information. The Administrator oversees the collection of all revenue, verifies eligibility of stake participants, generates lists of eligibles, inspects breeding farms and their Maryland-registered stallions, and supervises the draw for post positions of all MSS/MSF races. In addition, she fields questions and inquiries about the stake program and the breeding industry in Maryland. The administrator reports to the Advisory Committee, and conducts its meetings. While each race track is responsible for payment of stake purses, the MSRF office calculates and pays the breeders and stallion awards. The Maryland Standardbred Race Fund Advisory Committee was created to oversee the Fund and to make recommendations to the Maryland Racing Commission (MRC) regarding its structural formula and administration. The Committee consists of six members appointed by the MRC.

COMAR regulation governs the Maryland Standardbred Fund
COMAR regulation governs the Maryland Sire Stakes
COMAR regulation governs the Maryland Sire Stakes 4YO & 5YO divisions